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Thursday May 30, 2024

Have you ever heard of the observer effect? Basically, the act of just looking at an event—or even a particle—can actually change its nature.
But how does this work? In this episode of Metaphysical, Rob and John talk about the double slit experiment, quantum physics, remote viewing, and so much more. When the nature of the universe starts coming into question, clearly, it shows us there’s a lot more to reality than any of us realized. Join remote viewer John Vivanco and investigative researcher Rob Counts for a show that’s out of this world.
In this episode: hindrances in remote viewing, psychics, the double slit experiment, interference patterns, wave–particle duality, time constraints disappearing during remote viewing, knowing you’re being remote viewed or remote influenced, radio frequencies, parapsychological experimentation, thought constructs, telepathy experiments, the brain being an interpretation device, remote perturbation techniques, CIA studies, the observer effect, people who use superpowers for evil, the “upside down” from Stranger Things, why John won’t remote view abduction experiences, ESP or extrasensory perception, teleportation proof in studies, psychological operations, and more

Thursday May 16, 2024

Underground pyramids, tunnels, and caverns were discovered beneath a wine cellar in Italy. Enormous stone boxes were found in the Serapeum of Saqqara—and nobody knows how they got there. A mysterious monument at Gobekli Tepe shows evidence of a cataclysm that devastated humanity. Tunnels in Turkey show remains of an ancient, buried past. What can we learn about sites of ancient cataclysms, underground pyramids, and impossible tombs? Rob will share his investigative research, and John will bring you his remote viewing data in this episode about 4 ancient sites that warn of cataclysms. Tune in for a Metaphysical show that’s out of this world.
In this episode: Etruscan pyramids, subterranean paths, the Apis cult of ancient Greece, the Clovis man, ice ages, the Younger Dryas period, the Vulture Stone stamped with a strange date, Derinkuyu’s underground city, ancient city of Elengubu, cyclical events of destruction and renewal throughout the universe, archaeologists’ baffling claims that they have no idea what they’ve found, ancient artifacts, ancient pigeon houses, enormous sarcophagi, giant bulls and bull worship, granite boxes that had to be dynamited open, Egyptian pyramids and Egyptian funerary texts, stone glyphs, John’s favorite ancient site, a race of feline beings, why the sun is so important, coronal mass ejections (CMEs), Atlantis-era civilizations, Indian epochs called  “yugas,” synchronicities, human intuition, anomalies outside our solar system, rediscovered dwellings, and more

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Is there a real “Chamber of Secrets”? What lies inside the hidden vaults of the ancient Padmanabhaswamy Temple in India?
Its mysterious door is protected by two massive, painted cobras. It has no bolts, latches, or other visible means of entry. It’s also believed that the door was sealed shut by sound waves from a secret chant lost in time. Hindu priests say that at present, there is no human capable of opening this door by executing the necessary chants.
So what’s inside? Jewels and gold? Spirits of the beyond? A portal? Ancient scrolls? Well, the secrets of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple run as deep as its history, and Metaphysical is going to bring all the investigative research and remote viewing they can collect on it. Join Rob Counts and John Vivanco for another metaphysical show that’s out of this world.
In this episode: Hear the background of the world’s richest Hindu temple, the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in the very far south of India, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to the deity Vishnu, also known as Padmanabhaswamy, and has fantastic tales associated with it.
Miracles, divine serpents, Naga beings, and more are just part of the story. Guarded and managed by the Travancore family for generations, the vast riches inside were protected … for the most part.
Despite a fierce fight between the Travancores and the government of India, archaeologists were directed to open some of the chambers inside the temple. The question is, what did they really find inside?
Rob and John discuss the known contents of Padmanabhaswamy Temple’s vaults, its mysterious “chamber of secrets” and what happens when you get inside, whether Harry Potter had a similar concept, and the legend of how Padmanabhaswamy Temple was created in the first place.
The discussion gets interesting when John shares his remote viewing data and Rob questions him about the ancient contents of the forbidden vaults. In this episode, discover what’s really in the Padmanabhaswamy Temple.
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Thursday Apr 04, 2024

Encounters with Naga serpent deities stretch back throughout recorded history. The question is, did they mix with humans, as some accounts say?
As humans, we have a burning need to know certain truths: How did we get to where we are today with our technology? Were there beings in ancient history who helped humans civilize themselves? Were accounts of enlightened visitors actually extraterrestrials, or were they instead extra-dimensional beings—from other dimensions? How do the records of these beings in history corroborate their existence, and where can we find them?
In this episode, Rob and John discuss a specific anomaly found in Southeast Asia that stretches back as far back as recorded history: the Naga. These serpent-like beings—half human, half serpent—can be found depicted and worshiped in temples all over India, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and more. 
Join investigative researcher Rob Counts and remote viewer John Vivanco for a show that’s out of this world. 
In this episode: Humanoid, shapeshifting serpents have been found in ancient texts. They never lived on the surface, but always under ground or under water. It’s not only eastern texts or deities like Nu Wa that involve serpentine beings, but snake-like entities are also in places like the Bible. What were the “nachash” in Israel and the Middle East? “Kala” from Eddie Murphy’s movie The Golden Child was a reference to real Naga beings. Are some accounts of mermaids actually references to the Naga? Hear Bodhisattva Nagarjuna’s story of encountering beings in a palace under the sea. Discover why Nagaland in India was really named that. Hear John Vivanco’s remote viewing data you can’t find anywhere else that describes why the Naga hide from humans and whether they could still be here on Earth. With Rob Counts’ deep investigative research and related side conversations about giants, the evolution of mankind, and more, this episode is profoundly metaphysical.
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Thursday Mar 21, 2024

Never whistle in the woods. Forests like those in the Nahanni Valley contain secrets, like strange creatures, that are attracted by the sound. And that’s not the only mystery. An entire native tribe disappeared into thin air, the fires still burning in their teepees. Giant, dark creatures from the woods terrified villagers—and even made them go mad. Cannibalistic mountain people were spotted, looking more like dwarves of legend than like men. Explorations to find a mysterious vault in the Nahanni Valley led to underground, ancient secrets. Join remote viewer John Vivanco and investigative researcher Rob Counts for a Metaphysical show that’s out of this world.
If you go to the Nahanni Valley in Canada, don’t whistle in the woods because you’ll either terrify locals or you might invite something even worse to hunt you. The native people to the valley, the Dene, recorded a big, strong, warlike race called the Naha in their history. But one day, they suddenly disappeared. Where did they go? How does a folk tale of “Annie Lafferty”—the girl who went mad, shed her clothes, and scaled walls—compare with a 1933 newspaper article about a different (but possibly the same) Lafferty girl? Are tales of the brooding “Nakani,” a mysterious, Bigfoot-like creature, actually real? One man who lived with the natives in 1876, Father Emile Petitot, and a trader in 1879, B.R. Ross, had firsthand knowledge of the Nakani. Were sightings of creatures just figments of the local tribe’s overactive imagination, or was something more happening on the lands of the Nahanni? And what about rumors of the treacherous tundra having a secret, warm oasis? A 1937 article with the perspective of an expert-in-aviation Arctic explorer set the record straight about what’s up beyond the mountains. John Vivanco brings his team’s remote viewing data to every story, newspaper report, and legend Rob Counts found, and the pair discuss the surprising ways zinc mines are being used by clandestine groups and even extraterrestrial beings.
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Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Who hunted them? A mysterious “Valley of Headless Men” serial killer in the Nahanni National Park area caused such intense fear during the first half of the 1900s that stories flew. Some whispered of fearsome creatures, mysterious fogs, and cannibalistic tribes. Others claimed “gold fever” after numerous bodies were found decapitated with unexplainable circumstances around their deaths. It’s clear that SOMETHING hunted down and killed the explorers and miners in northern Canada, but who was the culprit?
Rob Counts conducted deep investigative research to sift through the repeated stories everyone tells about the Nahanni Valley and went to the source: He found the original newspaper articles that detailed the real circumstances. Simultaneously, John Vivanco and his team of remote viewers gathered nonlocal information on what caused all the strange disappearances in the Valley of Headless Men. Between the two of them, they uncovered things no other show has been able to about what really happened in the Nahanni Valley. Want to hear the truth? Watch this episode of Metaphysical for a show that’s out of this world.
In this episode: Since 1908, more than 20 men have reportedly died searching for a gold mine in Canada’s Nahanni Valley. Most of them perished by decapitation or disappearing completely. The mine they were looking for was the infamous “Lost McLeod Mine,” made famous by the brothers who discovered it, Willie and Frank McLeod, who were later also found headless. Who were these decapitated men? What caused their deaths? Most importantly, what made the Nahanni Valley so treacherous—a land that terrorized the natives, causing them to live in perpetual fear? As of 1937, according to one old newspaper, “Thirteen men have already disappeared up the foaming Nahanni river that plunges from the unexplored hinterland between the Mackenzie valley and Alaska. All but the last two of those thirteen were later found murdered. The last two have never been found.” Could there have been even more true crime mysteries going on? Who was the “Mad Trapper of Rat River,” and how was his story related to the bigger picture? After you hear the details, you’ll be amazed that ANYONE could have survived such harsh conditions.
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Thursday Mar 07, 2024

Strange and paranormal phenomena have been spotted around storms, but tornadoes seem to have the most bizarre activity. UFOs, Twister-like vortexes, and intense energy are consistently reported, as well as sightings of real beings moving inside the tornadoes themselves. The original 1996 Twister movie showed the power of storms and made viewers fascinated by storm chasing, but in real life, their power is intense. Could it be that UFOs attempt to transform tornadoes’ energy or somehow harness it? Given the magnitude and ferocity of some of the scariest tornadoes, unexplained sightings of odd craft around them might just be happening for a reason.
Why are UFOs seen around storms and tornadoes in the first place? Can vortexes and manmade tornadoes really be created intentionally? How do power plants, power lines, and wind turbines work to generate energy? What is a tornado anyway? Rob Counts brings his investigative research to this episode of Metaphysical, explaining how “supercells” form and answering some of these questions. Hear about the surprising instances of UFOs appearing before tornadoes in 1999, 2013, 2022, and more. Is it a coincidence that alien or unidentified craft are seen so often around storms? John Vivanco brings to the show his fascinating remote viewing data about what kind of energy is involved in strange storms, what the UFOs are really after, and more. Did Nikola Tesla know more about “pulling” energy from the Earth or the air than we knew, which anyone advanced enough in technology or science would eventually discover—and be able to exploit? Join Rob and John for a Metaphysical show that’s out of this world.
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Thursday Feb 29, 2024

Mysterious “butterfly people” were seen by the residents of Joplin, Missouri during the 2011 F5 tornado that devastated the midwest. Curiously, these beings appeared at the perfect moment that some residents were sheltered from danger and miraculously survived. In this episode, Rob and John attempt to answer the questions: What happened in Joplin? Are the butterfly people real? What are the butterfly people? Did survivors of the Twister-esque tornado see butterfly people or angels during the storm? Was the massive, devastating tornado natural? Where did the tornado come from?
With well over a hundred deaths and 1,000 injuries in Joplin, damage up to $7 billion, numerous homes destroyed, vehicles mangled, and commercial buildings flattened, the May storm was one of the largest tornado outbreaks on record. It affected the midwest and south, including Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, and more. In Joplin specifically, two thunderstorms merged to produce a “mega tornado.” Interestingly, the highest reports of people encountering “butterfly people” were from children. After an intense car accident, butterflies began appearing around 14-year-old Emily Huddleson. In the middle of a violent weather attack, 10-year-old Mason Lillard felt a hand placed on her shoulder—and it wasn’t her cousin Lage, but a sight nobody would’ve believed if it weren’t for all the other reports of “butterfly people” sightings going around town later. Rob Counts brings his investigative research into firsthand sightings and local legends. Then, John Vivanco shares his incredible remote viewing data that will shed light on the “butterfly people” phenomena and more. Strange, paranormal phenomena have been spotted before natural disasters struck in other cases, but this episode of Metaphysical reveals possibly the strangest one yet. Join Rob and John for a show that’s out of this world.
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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

In the abandoned town of Portlock, Alaska, something terrifying lurks: the Nantinaq, Alaska’s giant Bigfoot. In this Metaphysical episode, Rob and John investigate sightings of the strange “hairy man of Alaska,” discussing whether these claims are real, false, or if perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the middle. They also look into a place dubbed “Bigfoot Island,” and some extremely bizarre occurrences of 1500 lb. trees being turned upside down and driven 4 feet deep into the ground, with no evidence of human equipment involved in the process.There is no stranger account of an Alaskan mystery than that of the abandoned village of Port Chatham, Alaska (Portlock). Residents were reportedly chased out by a series of murders, which were blamed on a strange beast from the forest. Now, the reports are split between 1) debunkers claiming there’s no evidence of the creature and 2) hunters traveling to the area, spending thousands to locate what they call the Alaskan Nantinaq—a Bigfoot larger, stronger and more ferocious than any other on the planet. And why wouldn’t it be? Not just anything can survive in Alaska. Of stories and evidence of Bigfoot sightings around the world, some stand out more than others, especially when you get to the mysterious territories in the north and especially when you get to Alaska—a sparsely populated, volatile countryside in which legends have been passed down for generations verbally. Today, the mysteries have trickled down to Alaska’s current American inhabitants. Join investigative researcher Rob Counts and remote viewer John Vivanco for a show that’s out of this world.🛒  Visit the Metaphysical Shop

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Terrifying and bizarre cryptids live in Alaska, proving Inuit paranormal legends are real. That’s what remote viewing data and investigative research have found about the history of Alaska, which nobody seems willing to admit. Alaska’s paranormal activity ranges from sightings in the sky to the strangest creatures known, passed down verbally over generations in the Inuit culture. The sightings and stories of these strange beings span from Greenland on the far east coast all the way to Alaska. Even more curious than that, the description of these beings seems to match identical cryptid counterparts all across the world. How could a culture so far removed in the north be seeing things that people have names for in other parts of the world? Is there any evidence that these creatures of myth could be real?
Since 1970, more than 16,000 people have disappeared from Alaska, with some putting that number at 20,000. For such a sparsely populated state, this is a massive number; it’s over double the national average. Is it just the volatile weather in Alaska and hard living conditions causing disappearances, or is there something more nefarious going on? Get ready to have your world turned upside down by the end of this episode. Join Rob Counts and John Vivanco on Metaphysical for a show that’s out of this world.
Creatures, beings, and people in this episode include: the half-wolf, half-orca “akhlut”; the master of bears, “nanook”; giants; the Tuniit people; the Thule; the Inupasugjuk giants of the north; werewolves, “dogman,” and the adlet; skinwalkers; tuurngait spirits; shadow people; creatures like the qalupalik and tammatuyuq that hunt or feed on children; the psychotic “mahaha” that lives on chaos and tickles victims to death; and more.🛒  Visit the Metaphysical Shop


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